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About Our Dental Practice in the Triad of NC

We are a four dentist practice in Archdale, North Carolina who are trained in providing cosmetic dental services, in addition to general dental services for your entire family. The Triad Cosmetic Dentistry office is located within 30 minutes of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Asheboro, and Thomasville, so we serve patients throughout the Triad of North Carolina. We are committed to providing our patients with personalized and comfortable dental care in a friendly, relaxed environment. We invest in the latest state-of-the-art dental technology to provide our patients with the most precise and effective dental care. Our dentists, dental hygienists and staff invest in many hours of additional training every year so you can be confident you are receiving the quality dental care you deserve.

Motto: We treat the whole patient, not just the teeth.

Our Dental Team

Our team takes pride in providing you with wonderful customer service in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our team is efficient and enjoys making your dental visit a pleasing experience time after time.

Mission Statement

The mission of our dental practice is to provide first rate quality dental care in a comfortable, state-of-the-art environment with careful attention to detail and excellent customer service on all levels.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

We apply the following core values and guiding principles to everything we do:

Holistic Care

We base our measure of success on the quality of the relationship we have with each patient, not just on the quality of the dental services we provide. We believe in creating a complete experience for our patients by recognizing the connection between oral health and overall wellness.

Exceptional Quality

We are considerate of our patients’ individual needs and concerns. Our focus is on results that our patients can see and feel, from routine cleanings to cosmetics, to major dental work. Using only the best materials, equipment and labs available, our entire staff is committed to providing quality dental care and treatment to each patient.

Patient Comfort

We understand that some individuals are sensitive about dental treatment, therefore, we strive to make each visit as enjoyable as possible. Patients will immediately notice the welcoming and tranquil atmosphere in our offices. We want to make sure that our patients feel relaxed during treatment, and better about themselves after spending time with us.


We want 100 percent satisfaction for our dental patients. That means that we spend the time it takes to do a thorough diagnosis, using materials, care, and techniques that provide a total and long-lasting treatment solution.

State of the Art Dental Technology

We use the latest dental technologies, techniques and tools available. To keep up with the ever-changing advances in dental science, we created the most modern dental office possible so that we can provide our patients with wonderful dental care. We also promote continual improvement in our practice, through research and ongoing professional development for our staff.

Patient Education

We educate our patients on good dental health and the benefits of optional cosmetic treatments that may help improve their appearance and overall health.

Respect and Integrity

We treat all of our patients, employees, and business partners with dignity and respect.

Positive Work Environment

Not only do we strive to create a positive environment for our dental patients, we also work hard to have a work environment in which our dentists, dental hygienists, and technicians work together as a team to run a top-notch dental practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in catering to someone frightened. We understand and many of our staff are reformed “dental phobics” themselves. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure your comfort. But most of all, we are empathetic to our patients needs. We promise we will baby you if needed and treat you as a family member.

We use the best numbing agents available. Our staff will rub a numbing jelly on your tissue that is so strong that your tissue will get that “asleep” tingle. Most patients don’t feel the injection. Even children are comfortable.

Caring & Compassionate Dentistry in the Triad

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