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CEREC Dental Crowns and Veneers in Archdale, NC

Typically, patients will have to make many trips to the dentist over the course of 2 weeks in order to obtain a porcelain restoration. For patients who prefer a quick turnaround with amazing results, we proudly employ CEREC (Chairside Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), which can do so in a matter of minutes.

Real life photo of a CEREC dental crown
computer image of a CEREC dental crown

CEREC Procedures

This video shows you how a crown, custom-made by CAD/CAM 3-D technology, restores a damaged tooth.

  1. Teeth are examined to determine the correct procedure for your needs and preferences
  2. Tooth is prepared for restoration
  3. 3D optical scan of the tooth
  4. Ceramic milling machine sculpts restoration from a block of dental porcelain
  5. Testing for proper fit to ensure that bite is not hindered
  6. Crown is permanently bonded to tooth
  7. Superior color match guarantees a natural look
  8. Complete in just one appointment!