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Implant-Retained Dentures at Triad Cosmetic Dentistry

This video shows you how a removeable overdenture can replace missing teeth using dental implants with special fittings that snap the denture in place within the mouth.

Durable and attractive, dentures are an ideal solution to restore your smile if you’ve lost teeth to disease, decay, or trauma. Full dentures contain an upper and/or lower row of prosthetic teeth on a gum-colored base. Designed to look natural and fit comfortably, they restore performance and appearance to damaged smiles. If you have healthy teeth remaining, partial dentures, or partials, can fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. Some patients benefit from immediate dentures which involves immediately placing dentures after extraction of irreparably damaged or decayed teeth.

You can remove an implant-supported denture easily, although some people prefer to have fixed (permanent) crown and bridgework. The dentists at Triad Cosmetic Dentistry will consider your particular needs and preferences when suggesting fixed or removable options.

The following are examples of implant retained dentures:

Removable Ball Attachment or Snap In Denture

Most patients without teeth need to place implants to make sure the jaw bone does not atrophy. On the lower arch, two implants will help retain the denture. The upper arch requires at least four implants because it is softer and cannot withstand the load of the denture with only two. With four implants, a palate across the roof of the mouth is required.

U-Shaped Palateless Denture:

On the upper arch, some patients would prefer not to have their palate covered with a denture because it can hinder their sense of taste. Placing five to six implants allows for a U-shaped denture, eliminating the need for a palate. Sometimes, a reinforced metal frame is needed within the acrylic of the denture.

Fixed Permanent Hybrid Denture:

With the placement of four to five implants on the lower or four to six implants on the upper, we can permanently fix dentures using a bar that screws into implants. This bar is incorporated into the acrylic part of the denture, splinting and stabilizing the implants and making them stronger.

All on Four (teeth in a day):

This procedure was developed as a way to more efficiently use implants in both jaws. Qualified patients can receive four implants and a denture in just one day! With the All on Four procedure, the patient will have a few visits to our office prior to surgery date to gather information necessary to fabricate the denture. Following these visits, the patient will be scheduled for a surgery date, where extractions take place, implants will be placed, and dentures will be fitted.

Don’t let the discomfort and embarrassment of missing teeth keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. Restore your smile with natural-looking dentures and partials from Triad Cosmetic Dentistry!

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