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Mini Dental Implants at Triad Cosmetic Dentistry

With the latest technology in dental implantology, Mini Dental Implants may be the answer to your denture problems. Visit your dentist in the morning, have Mini Dental Implants placed in about an hour, then leave the dental office with stable secure dentures attached to your Mini Dental Implants. Imagine eating, speaking and smiling with confidence. Your denture feels secure and is being held firmly in place thanks to Mini Dental Implants. A small miracle in implant dentistry. And all this in about an hour with no cutting of the gums and no stitches to have removed. This unique procedure can be completed in one visit with virtually no discomfort.

How are mini-implants different from ordinary sized implants?

With mini-implants less space is needed, allowing the use of a site that has less than adequate bone. A regular sized dental implant requires a certain amount of bone. The procedure for mini-implants is often simple and relatively pain free. Full-sized implants typically require several months of healing.Contact Triad Cosmetic Dentistry today to see if mini-implants is the solution for you.

Dental Implant therapy has been a great advancement in dentistry over the past 25 years. Mini Dental Implants are proving to be the most significant advancement in Implant Dentistry. Our patients witness the benefits delivered from the opportunity to obtain a replacement for lost teeth that restores their smiles and confidence. The new Mini Dental Implant technology offers a simple and affordable approach.