Dental Sealants in Archdale, NC

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In order to maintain a healthy smile, having a proper at-home oral hygiene routine is crucial. While brushing and flossing daily is essential to your oral health, there are still hard-to-reach areas of your mouth where bacteria can build up. Without professional dental checkups, these bacteria can lead to several health complications, including gum disease and cavities. 

Fortunately, our team at Triad Cosmetic Dentistry offers preventive treatments to help patients avoid serious dental issues in the future. Discover how dental sealants provide protection for your teeth and help preserve the beauty of your smile.

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What Are
Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating that’s applied to the surface of your teeth for extra protection. Dental sealants are designed from durable materials that bond with the grooves of your teeth and harden to create a tight seal, protecting your smile from plaque and tartar. Sealants are white or transparent, so they won’t be noticeable after application. 

Sealants are most commonly used for children once their permanent teeth have erupted because they’re the most prone to decay. However, adults can benefit from dental sealants as well as they add an extra layer of protection to your smile. 

When you visit Triad Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. MacDonald can evaluate your teeth with a full mouth exam and determine if sealants would be a helpful treatment option in improving your oral health. 

Dental Sealants Benefits

With dental sealants, patients receive a variety of benefits, including:

  • Protection against plaque and food debris
  • Pain-free application 
  • Added support to your oral care
  • Easy to repair and care for
  • Long-lasting treatment

Dental Sealants

Receiving your dental sealants is a quick and easy application process. Dr. MacDonald will begin the process by cleaning and drying your teeth. Once this is complete, a bonding agent will be applied that helps secure the sealants to your teeth. 

To finish the procedure, Dr. MacDonald will brush the sealants onto your teeth and use a special light to help them properly bond and harden. When the bonding process is finished, you’ll leave our Archdale office knowing that your smile has an added layer of protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental sealants last?

Dental sealants can typically last at most five years before wearing off. Rather than your sealants being taken off, they’ll slowly wear down over time. At your regular dental appointments, Dr. MacDonald can check the integrity of your sealants and let you know when or if you need replacements. 

To keep your sealants intact longer, it’s imperative that you take good care of your teeth and avoid certain foods. Chewing on sticky foods such as gum or taffy can harm your sealants,  as well as very hard substances like ice. Staying away from these foods and maintaining a good oral hygiene routine can help your sealants last longer.

Can adults get dental sealants?

Sealants aren’t generally used for adults but can be recommended for those with more vulnerable teeth. Getting dental sealants on teeth that are difficult to clean can save you from developing cavities and other painful dental conditions. No matter what age, sealants can be beneficial on back molars. 

Are sealants safe?

Yes, dental sealants are safe. They’re extremely effective at protecting teeth from decay and cavities, which can spare you or your child from needing more invasive dental treatments. The best way to avoid pesky cavities is to prevent them from ever forming. 

While sealants are made from hardened plastic, they’re biocompatible. The levels of BPA in this plastic are small, so it won’t cause any harm. The benefits of cavity protection and oral disease prevention are invaluable.

We’ll Help You Protect Your Beautiful Smile

Our team at Triad Cosmetic Dentistry knows how important your smile is. That’s why we offer preventive and protective treatments to help you avoid oral diseases and dental problems. To learn more about dental sealants, call our Archdale dental office at (336) 434-3186. You can also reach out through our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.