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How Can Dentures Restore Your Smile?

In late March, I attended a 3 day course at my favorite venue for continuing education, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. After completing their cosmetic and neuromuscular continuum last year, it is now time for me to apply some of those same valuable principles in other areas of the dental practice and so that’s why I chose their neuromuscular denture course.

I’ve been making well fitting dentures for patients for years now, the same way as most other dentists in the United States, which is the way we were taught in dental school. Unfortunately, that technique has not changed much over the past 30 years.

Well, as you can imagine, with LVI being a leader in teaching cosmetic dentistry along with a well functioning bite position, I learned so much in the three day denture course. I’m very excited to apply these new techniques to help those that have suffered with ill-fitting dentures for years or just want a much prettier or natural looking denture. The patient that we made a new upper denture and lower partial for in our course, could not believe how well she could chew her lunch, just minutes after receiving her teeth.

And just the other day, I delivered an upper denture to a patient after just removing her broken front teeth, and there were tears of joy once she saw her new smile! So, if you are not completely satisfied with your dentures or partials, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you!