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Properly Caring for Your Dentures

Many people have dentures due to the loss of one or more teeth. Most of these individuals are very satisfied with the look and feel of their dentures. However, much like a person’s natural teeth, they can make your smile perfect as well as unsightly. Those with dentures need to realize the importance of taking good care of their new teeth. This will help them in getting the full benefit and most satisfaction from their dentures. In the following, there are some suggestions for maintaining dentures through proper care.

  • Individuals should always hand their dentures very carefully. These dentures are a part of the person and therefore require proper handling. Most dentures are made of acrylic, ceramic or resin. These materials can crack and chip very easily if they are suddenly dropped. During cleaning, you should hold your dentures over a towel or bowl of water. If you drop them during cleaning, they will be less likely to break or become damaged.
  • Always keep your dentures clean. Just like your natural teeth, your new dentures need to be brushed daily. There are special toothbrushes that are crafted for dentures. They have soft bristles to keep from scratching the surface of the dentures. Never use regular toothpaste on your dentures. There are specific products to clean and protect dentures that are widely available in most retail stores and pharmacies. Once you have removed all food from your dentures, you should rinse them well and floss to prevent the buildup of plaque. Be cautious in the foods that are consumed. Some will stain your new dentures. Smoking and using other tobacco products will stain dentures as well and should be avoided.
  • Brush your mouth twice daily to keep it clean. This stimulates circulation in the mouth and will remove plaque buildup. When a person keeps a clean oral cavity, they maintain fresh and beautiful teeth.
  • Dentures need to be stored correctly. If dentures dry out or are place in water that is too hot, they may become incorrectly shaped and no longer fit well. When storing your dentures, place in plain cold water or a cleaning product that your dentist may have recommended. Dentures should also be kept out of the reach of children and pets. They should never be wrapped in paper towel or napkins as they may be mistakenly thrown away.
  • Your dentures should be removed while asleep at night. This will also help the dentures in retaining their original shape. Your gums will also be allowed to rest in preparation of their use the following day. Most dentists suggest that dentures should be off of the gums for at least six to eight hours each day.

These are only some basic tips for the proper care and use of dentures. Your dentist will be happy to discuss with you the care of your dentures. You should follow their instructions completely and never jeopardize your outstanding smile.