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Beautify Your Smile With Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

When you have an attractive smile, your self confidence is greatly impacted. A sensational smile can provide certain opportunities that may not have been otherwise available to you. However, many individuals suffer with deep embarrassment from discolored, missing or misaligned teeth. These individuals often try to conceal their dental problems with close lipped smiles. Your personality can also be adversely affected by the poor condition of one’s teeth. Today, more and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry as a way to fix the various problems they have with teeth. In the following, various types of dental procedures for a beautiful smile are briefly discussed.

  • Crowns can be placed over a tooth that has become decayed or has a space or alignment issue. Fillings will not always adequately strengthen an affected tooth when the degree of decay is rather substantial. Crowns are crafted of ceramic, porcelain or metal. Metal is stronger and will effectively support the structural integrity of the tooth. In preparation for the crown, your dentist will gently file the tooth to make space for the new crown. An impression will be made of the tooth as well as the tooth that it bites. This ensures a proper fit of the crown. This impression is sent to a lab that designs the crown for you.
  • Bonding is a cost effective and quick procedure. Your dentist will have to prepare a composite resin. This will be applied to teeth that are damaged, chipped or cracked. Resin is produced in a color that matches your teeth for a natural looking smile. Surface enamel is etched to produce a rough surface. After resin is applied and molded, your dentist will use a UV light to quickly harden it. As a final step, resin is trimmed, shaped and finally polished to blend with your other teeth.
  • Over time, teeth can become stained or discolored. There are many in-office procedures available to give you amazingly white teeth. Many of these procedures use a powerful bleaching agent. Another whitening technique uses a tray that is custom designed to fit your teeth. You use the tray at home. This method is more cost effective; however, it can take much longer to whiten as the bleaching agent is less potent.

There are many other ways that your teeth can be made brilliantly white. Enamel reshaping, veneers and more are all among the options you have to choose from. Your dentist will more than happy to discuss all the potential techniques in detail. Your options will be dependent upon the dental issue that you suffer from.