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Vital Importance of Having Your Teeth Cleaned in the Dental Office

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Nearly all dentists suggest that patients visit their office at least three times a year for teeth cleaning. Long term oral health depends greatly upon proper care and continued maintenance of a person’s teeth. Most all adults are aware that having their teeth cleaned regularly is somewhat of a necessity; however, few individuals make the effort to set aside time for a cleaning appointment with their dentist. There are various reasons as to why these individuals tend to skip visiting their dentist. Many simply do not have any type of dental insurance. They cannot afford the additional strain on their budget. Others may have some sort of anxiety associated with visiting the dentist. Some of these people might have had a negative dental experience during childhood or even recently. This often causes anxiety and nervousness for many.

Regardless of the reasons behind why a person may not maintain regular dental visits, there is not an acceptable excuse. A person’s oral hygiene requires that some time and money must be invested into periodic cleanings. When teeth and gums are neglected for extended periods of time, certain dental issues begin to develop. Tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease often appear. This can be a very heavy financial burden. When individuals avoid visiting a dentist for ten or twelve years, their teeth often suffer greatly. Most begin to experience pain or other problems with their teeth. Routine dental appointments are vital in preventing a wide range of probable issues.

Process of Cleaning Teeth

For those who have neglected the care and maintenance of their teeth, dentists will often recommend that a deep cleaning be performed. During a deep cleaning, a dentist will clean and scrape teeth below the gum line. Most generally, when a metal scraper is used below the gum line, there will be a great amount of pain. Dentists may administer a local anesthetic in order to numb the gums and nerves. A patient’s cheek and tongue may become very numb as well. These cleanings are usually performed in four stages. One quadrant of the oral cavity is cleaned per stage. Deep cleaning is given in four stages to avoid numbing the entire face and tongue of a patient. This would highly increase the risk of a person biting their tongue or cheek.

To avoid a deep cleaning, individuals can simply take the time to maintain regular dental visits and check-ups. These include regular dental teeth cleanings. When a person has their teeth cleaned regularly, they tend to have healthy gums and teeth. Good oral hygiene reduces bacterial growth and many other oral health issues. With so many advancements in dentistry, those who are anxious about visiting their dentist can find solace in knowing that sedation dentistry can alleviate their fears. Dentists and their staff are generally very happy to thoroughly discuss all procedures and options in treatment and comfort with all clients.