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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

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With innovations in modern dentistry, missing or decayed teeth shouldn’t stand in the way of a perfect smile. Dental implants, which are constructed from titanium and porcelain and are anchored into the jaw bone, are a great alternative for filling in missing teeth. Designed to mimic the look and functionality of a real tooth, these implants are the most permanent tooth-replacement option available, and can restore a patient’s beautiful smile in no time.

At Macdonald and Whaley’s family dentistry, we’ve seen dental implants work for many patients. However, each situation is different. As with any dental procedure, there may be drawbacks to dental implants for certain patients with unique or specific needs, who may find solutions such as traditional dentures or bridges to be preferable. So which is right for you?

If you’re considering any tooth-replacement procedure, it’s important to be informed of your options. We’ll help break down the advantages and drawbacks of dental implants, so you can determine if they’re right for you:

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • They look and feel natural. One of the biggest reasons patients opt for dental implants is that they blend seamlessly with other teeth, which helps preserve a natural-looking smile. They’re also more comfortable for daily use than options like removable dentures, which may wear on your gums after extended use.
  • They work just as real teeth do. Given that dental implants are fused right into the jaw, stabilized similarly to the “root” system of a natural tooth, implants are sturdy and mimic the functionality of real teeth. This not only facilitates easier chewing, it can also help you maintain the health of your jaw and other teeth.
  • They’re the most permanent solution available. Dental implants are designed to be permanent fixtures in your mouth and do not need to be removed. Your new tooth-shaped porcelain veneer will be affixed to a titanium rod that’s been implanted into your jaw, stabilizing the implant long-term. Traditional bridges, on the other hand, may require more maintenance over time.
  • You have options. Depending on your specific needs, you may choose to have single-tooth implants, bridge implants, or denture implants. Though single-tooth implants are the most common, denture and bridge implant options can be used to accommodate more complex needs more comfortably than traditional methods.

Considerations of Dental Implants:

  • It’s a specialized procedure. As with other kinds of surgical implants, dental implants don’t always take. Occasionally, a patient’s gums may reject them. Before electing for dental implants, it’s important to entrust your procedure to a dentist that’s skilled and experienced. At Macdonald and Whaley’s, our dentists have completed more than 700 dental implants, and with a 99.9% success rate (compared with the 95% industry standard).
  • Not every patient is a candidate. Since the implants require support from the patient’s jaw for stability, patients must have the necessary underlying bone structure to make the procedure practical and long-lasting. Your dentist can help you determine whether this procedure is feasible for you.
  • They cost more than non-permanent solutions. Since dental implants require oral surgery (to embed the titanium into the jaw bone), the procedure typically costs more than other tooth-replacement procedures—though they’re also intended to last longer, and with little maintenance. Given the permanence of the procedure, dental implants may also take longer than other solutions, possibly with multiple visits, to give time for the jaw and gums to heal properly.

Overall, dental implants can be a great solution for patients looking for a permanent tooth replacement. If you’re considering opting for the procedure, contact Dr. Macdonald or Dr. Whaley at Triad Cosmetic Dentistry for more information. Our Dr. Macdonald is actually an active member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the largest provider of dental implant education in the world. Our skilled dentists will make sure your tooth-replacement needs are taken care of.