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Your mouth, the window to your body

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Why do you think oral swabs are used to detect everything from drugs to early diseases? Because your mouth is the window into your body, and is often a good indication of your overall health.

Doctors are finding one of the best paths to a healthy body is a healthy mouth. Having a healthy mouth can help ward off medical disorders and keep the 500 species of bacteria living in your mouth at any given time, at bay.

Bacteria likes to find “ports” in your body to enter to disrupt the natural ebb and flow, and by having poor oral health, you’re inviting these bacteria in to cause problems. The bacteria in your mouth can cause infection in other areas. So don’t ever think the germs in your mouth are always confined there.

Oral health and osteoporosis have long been believed to be directly related. They share one striking similarity. Bone loss. And since people often visit their dentist more often than their doctor, dentists are in a prime position to more effectively identify those who may at risk for diminishing bone health.

Steps to take to maintain healthy bones:

  • Eat a well-balance diet rich in calcium and vitamin D

  • Engage in regular physical activity

  • Don’t smoke and limit alcohol intake

  • Report any problems with loose teeth or receding gums

  • Getting X-Rays can do wonders for detecting early sign of bone loss

All these things should make it very clear why your daily regimen should always include good oral habits. Normal upkeep like having your teeth cleaned regularly, brushing and flossing are the best preventive measures to make sure you don’t have to deal with these problems.