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CEREC is an advanced dental system that allows our doctors to restore your smile in a single visit with a beautiful, porcelain dental crown or restoration.

This technology is changing the fields of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Typically, patients’ only option is to have messy impressions taken and wear a temporary restoration while they wait weeks for their custom-made tooth replacement.

With CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, we can create a high quality, natural-looking tooth in just one visit.

This video shows you how a crown, custom-made by CAD/CAM 3-D technology, restores a damaged tooth.



The CEREC 3D software is the world’s only chair side dental CAD/CAM restorative system available. Its innovative design allows us to deliver a rejuvenated smile in less than one hour.

The process is simple, safe, and comfortable. It also restores your tooth back to its natural appearance, function, and health. There’s no need to wait weeks for your permanent crown or restoration any longer. With CEREC, you can enjoy all these benefits from the moment you leave our office.


Are Made

After your consultation with one of our experienced doctors, we can begin your CEREC treatment at your next appointment. See how this easy procedure will go:

1. First, we will take a 3D scan using an intraoral camera that simply glides over your teeth and provides our doctors with a digital image of your smile.

2. Next, we’ll custom design your new tooth with ultimate precision and efficiency right on the screen of the CEREC system, allowing us to show you the predicted results.

3. Once we match the restoration with the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, the CEREC technology will mill a new, ceramic model of your tooth.

4. After your new crown or restoration is fabricated, we’ll ensure you’re happy with its appearance before we bond it permanently to your tooth root.


CEREC Restoration

Once your treatment is complete, it’s important to keep up with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits at our Archdale office to ensure your CEREC crown or restoration remains flawless for years to come.

In the case that your replacement tooth breaks or becomes loose, the best thing to do is keep any pieces that have fallen off and give us a call right away. It’s an easy fix with our CEREC system, and we can have your smile restored within minutes.

If you want to schedule a consultation with our Triad team, fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you with available appointments as soon as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an appointment for a CEREC same-day crown?

Most CEREC appointments last between one and a half to two hours altogether. During this time you’ll also have about 30 to 45 minutes of free time while you wait for the crown to be milled. We recommend bringing a book or activity to keep you occupied during this time.

Are CEREC same-day crowns better?

CEREC same-day crowns restore your smile immediately and protect your tooth from further injury because they’re applied right after they’re made. You can save yourself the extra trips to Triad Cosmetic Dental that are required with traditional crowns. 

CEREC crowns also save more of the tooth’s strength because they require less drilling and therefore retain more of your natural tooth. With proper oral care, biannual checkups, and cleanings at Triad Cosmetic Dentistry, your new crown can last between ten to 15 years.

How much is a CEREC same-day crown?

Depending on the material, CEREC same-day crowns range between $500 to $1,500 out of pocket, while a traditional crown is between $300 and $1,000 out of pocket. For a more accurate cost, it’s best to schedule a consultation by calling (336) 434-3186

At the consultation, one of our highly qualified dentists will examine your oral health and provide you with a customized treatment plan which will include a price based on your needs. We also offer financing options so you don’t have to put your oral health on hold.

Who is a candidate for CEREC same-day crowns?

Most patients are qualified to receive a CEREC same-day crown. CEREC same-day crowns can fix a number of problems, including:

  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Cracked tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Discolored tooth
  • A tooth with extensive dental work that can no longer hold a filling
  • Worn teeth

To find out if you’re eligible for a CEREC same-day crown, schedule a consultation with one of our esteemed dentists by calling (336) 434-3186. At the consultation, your dentist will review your oral health and discuss the most appropriate treatment method based on your needs.

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