Orthodontic Care In the Triad of North Carolina

Feel Confident
About Your New Smile

Orthodontics corrects crooked teeth and jaws that are improperly positioned. Having misaligned teeth not only impacts your self-confidence — it can also lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and TMJ issues.

At Triad Cosmetic Dentistry, you’re in good hands — our experienced team will ensure you receive the perfect treatment to fit your individual needs. With orthodontic care, we’ll give you a smile you’ll be proud to share with friends.

Are You a Candidate
For Orthodontic Care?

We offer affordable, comprehensive orthodontic services for children, teens, and adults at our office in Archdale. Our Triad dentists will find the solution that works for you, whether it requires adjusting a few teeth or more extensive orthodontic treatment.

Your journey begins when you visit our office where our dentist will examine your entire smile using advanced imaging equipment. Then we’ll ask you some questions about your treatment goals. This allows us to provide the treatment you really want.

We feature three options for straightening your smile: traditional metal braces, clear Invisalign aligners, or Six Month Smile.

We recommend orthodontic care for patients who suffer from various dental complications. This includes:

  • Overbite or underbite
  • Crossbite or open bite
  • Misplaced midline
  • Spacing
  • Crowding

Effective Treatments
For Misaligned Teeth

Whether you choose traditional braces or clear aligners, our Triad team will straighten your smile to perfection. Learn more about the orthodontic services provided at our office in Archdale.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are an effective treatment for patients with several types of orthodontic issues. They use a set of bonded metal brackets, archwires, and elastic bands to gradually shift your teeth to the correct alignment.

Today’s braces are streamlined and much more attractive than they were in the past. They’re frequently adjusted by your dentist over the course of one to two years.

Metal braces allow children, teens, and adults to safely straighten your smile. Dr. Whaley has completed advanced training at the Las Vegas Institute in Neuromuscular Orthodontics. She’s qualified to treat orthodontic issues using braces.

6-Month Smiles

It’s hard to ignore the shiny, metallic appearance of braces. That’s why we offer 6-Month Smiles. This treatment straightens your smile using inconspicuous clear brackets rather than standard metal ones. This new, award-winning treatment option is designed to correct cosmetic imperfections. It can perfect your smile in as little as six months.

Six-Month Smiles use archwires specifically designed for each patient for optimal comfort. Many of our patients who are adult professionals appreciate the fast treatment time with 6-Month Smiles. For more information, please visit Six Month Smiles.


Leading in the market of clear aligners, Invisalign is a discreet alternative to traditional metal braces. They’re comfortable, removable, and treatment time ranges from anywhere from six months to two years.

The Invisalign process begins when our certified Invisalign provider Dr. Whaley provides a comprehensive exam of your entire mouth. We’ll generate clear 3D images of your teeth so we can design your treatment plan.

Following our recommendations, your custom-made clear trays will be created and shipped to our office within a few short weeks. Then your journey to a straighter, more beautiful smile can begin.

Facial Growth Development Orthodontics

Many times, there is not enough space available in a patient’s mouth to straighten all the teeth with conventional techniques using braces alone.   Traditionally, two teeth per dental arch would be extracted to be able to straighten the teeth.  As the field of orthodontics has progressed and thanks to the work of Steve Gallela, dentists practicing orthodontics are able to stimulate more bone development and increase the jaw size to be able to align all the teeth.   The technique created by Dr. Gallela involves using a removable or fixed anterior growth guidance appliance (RAGGA or AGGA) followed by the Controlled Arch Braces technique.

This technique can be used in children and even adults.  The goal of facial growth orthodontics goes beyond just straight teeth.  The technique helps our jaws develop to their potential which improves appearance and contributes to improved TMJ health and airway.  Patients have been seeking out this treatment to eliminate their painful TMJ clicking, popping, and/or locking, and also to decrease snoring and sleep apnea events.

Also, this procedure is indicated for patients that have an existing crossbite or underbite and have been told that surgery is the only option to correct their bad bite.  This is a non-surgical treatment with less risks and costs.

Dr. Whaley will perform a complete orthodontic evaluation and determine if you are a candidate for this kind of therapy.


Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of the alignment of teeth and facial imbalances resulting from the tooth positioning. The results of orthodontic treatment can be amazing, resulting in increased confidence and esthetics as well as improved dental health for people of all ages.

At our practice, we are able to provide comprehensive orthodontic care as well as minor orthodontic modifications. We provide a complimentary orthodontic records appointment to obtain a diagnosis and then we are able to discuss your treatment options. The records needed for diagnosis include a series of photographs, impressions of your teeth for models, a panoramic x-ray, and a cepholometric x-ray.

We are always screening our young patients and will make a recommendation on when to begin treatment.  Typically, it is when all permanent teeth erupt, not including the wisdom teeth.  However, if the jaws are not aligning properly, treatment may be indicated any where from 4 to 10 years old to help crossbites, underbites, and deep bites which significantly effect our facial development.

Treatment duration is largely dependent on the severity or complexity of the orthodontic problem. We are dedicated to educating everyone involved to achieve the best orthodontic results as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does orthodontics move teeth?

Braces move your teeth by putting pressure on them for long periods of time. Your teeth are embedded in a membrane that holds them in place, and this membrane allows your teeth to be moved if there’s enough pressure on them. 

Teeth aren’t that easy to move, though, so that’s why treatment can take a while. Traditional metal braces can only put pressure on certain areas of your teeth, while aligners like Invisalign® put pressure on all surfaces of your teeth, which is why aligner treatment is generally quicker.

What does orthodontics mean?

An orthodontist specializes in the movement of the teeth, focusing on creating the right alignment to correct the appearance and occlusion of the teeth. Orthodontic care includes any kind of braces, including Invisalign®.

Orthodontics is one of the ten dental specialties, and it requires a dentist to go through additional training to be certified. The exception is Invisalign treatment, which can be done through a general dentist’s office and requires only special Invisalign training.

When should you start orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment can be done in any stage of life, but it’s quicker and easier before the teeth’s positions are firmer. That’s why we normally recommend orthodontic treatment during the teenage years. However, it’s becoming more normal for adults to also have braces.

If you have a child who may need orthodontic treatment, we recommend bringing them in for an evaluation before all of their permanent teeth have erupted, around the ages of seven to 10. We’ll be able to tell if your child will need braces.

Why is orthodontics important?

Orthodontics is important for the appearance and function of your smile. If you’ve lived with misaligned teeth for a while, you may not realize how they can impact your ability to chew and speak. Braces can fix these issues so you’ll have an easier time every day.

You’ll also be able to show off your smile knowing that it looks beautiful. Misaligned teeth are a common cause for people’s hesitation to smile, but orthodontics can fix that.

Get the Smile You Really Want
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Whether you’re seeking orthodontic care for yourself or your child, our Triad dentists can help. To learn more about our treatment options, give us a call at (336) 434-3186. Or fill out our easy form on our contact page.

Our team works closely with well-qualified orthodontists in the Triad area to ensure that you receive exceptional treatment. In cases that require a specialist or orthodontic solutions that our office doesn’t provide, we’ll refer you to a board-certified orthodontist.