Pediatric Care in Archdale, NC

Caring for Your
Child’s Smile

Adults aren’t the only ones who need to take good care of their oral health and smiles. It’s important to start good oral hygiene habits with your child at a young age to ensure their mouth develops properly and help them avoid serious dental problems in the future. You should start bringing your child to the dentist once their first tooth erupts, or no later than their first birthday.

At Triad Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer pediatric dental care to help you with your child’s oral health. See how we offer gentle and comfortable care for your little ones and their developing smiles.

Mini Dental Implants
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The Importance of
Preventive Care

Preventive care is the most important component in all patients’ oral health. Along with ensuring that your child maintains a good at-home oral hygiene routine, it’s important to bring them in for biannual exams and professional cleanings. Exams are an important part of the early detection of dental issues, so we can treat them before they advance into worse stages. We can also spot orthodontic problems, which might require early treatment or braces.

Professional cleanings eliminate built-up plaque that has formed on teeth, which helps the development of decay and cavities. In addition to regular cleanings and exams, we provide other preventive services for kids, such as dental sealants.

Dental Sealants

Dr. MacDonald and our exceptional team offer dental sealants to protect teeth from decay and preserve the aesthetics of your smile. A dental sealant is placed on the top surfaces of molars to provide extra protection over these hard-to-clean grooves.

This preventive treatment also seals out any harmful bacteria that can result in cavities that are likely to affect children and teens. Dental sealants can safeguard your child’s oral health, as well as establish a strong foundation that will follow them into adulthood. However, it’s important to remember that dental sealants are not a substitute for good oral hygiene practices. 

Proper brushing and flossing is the best way to reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay. Be sure they’re brushing their teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals and before bedtime. Flossing once a day is also essential to your child’s oral health.

Preparing Your Child
for a Dental Exam

Prior to your child’s dental appointment, there are a few ways you can help set them up for success, including:

  • Speaking positively about dentist appointments – Your impression is usually the one that matters the most to your child. So avoid using words like hurt, pain, and needles. Instead, you can explain that special tools will be used to make sure their teeth are sparkling and healthy.
  • Choosing a time of day when they’re well-rested – This will help ensure that they’re ready for what’s ahead at the appointment.
  • Bringing their favorite toys
  • Introducing them to books or television shows that display their favorite characters visiting the dentist
  • Use a positive reinforcement or providing a reward

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my child avoid cavities?

Archdale dental office at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings. In addition to following any recommendations from our team, you’ll want to make sure your child:

  • Limits sugary and acidic foods
  • Uses oral hygiene products containing fluoride
  • Limits snacking between meals
  • Asks our dentist about fluoride treatments & dental sealants
What happens during my child’s dental appointments?

Your child’s dental appointments will include the same practices that you’re used to. Your child will experience the following during their time in the dental chair:

  • An examination of their teeth, gums, and jaws
  • X-rays are taken to check for early signs of decay or cavities
  • A thorough teeth cleaning 
  • Tips on how to improve their oral care routine

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s dental visits, feel free to contact us at (336) 434-3186 and one of our team members will be happy to assist.

Comfortable Care for Your Little Ones

Dental care is important to your child’s overall health. By establishing good dental habits early on, your child’s mouth can properly develop and help them avoid future dental issues. To learn more about our pediatric dental services, call our Archdale office at (336) 434-3186 or fill out our convenient online contact form