Costs and Financing Of Your Dental Procedure

Financial Policy
Affordability & Satisfaction

At Triad Cosmetic Dentistry, we want all our patients to be able to afford their dental care. We proudly offer the following financial policy so that our patients can decide which payment option is best for their particular needs.

Getting you the Most Benefit

At Triad Cosmetic Dentistry, we will gladly work with you to get the most benefit from your dental insurance. Please understand that your insurance is a contract between you, your employer, and your insurance company. Most insurance companies do not cover 100% of the treatment cost. Someone from our office will contact your insurance company to check your benefits so that we are able to give you an estimate of what you can expect to pay. Because of this, we ask that you pay your deductible as well as your ESTIMATED co-pay for the charges the day the services are rendered. As a courtesy to you, we will promptly file and follow up on your insurance claims to make sure you get the maximum benefit available from your insurance. Once your insurance has paid any outstanding claim, our office will send you a statement if there is a remaining balance.

Please keep us informed of any changes to your insurance plan. You are responsible for the fees charged by our office, no matter what your insurance coverage may be.

Payment Methods
Offering a Variety for your Convenience


MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express


This is a health care credit card that you can apply for to help with your treatment costs. Our office offers the 6 months no-interest plan, as well as 24-60 month plans with interest.

Care Credit


This is a health care loan. They work with two different banks to offer financing for your dental needs. They offer 6-month and 12-month no-interest plans, as well as longer-term financing with interest for 24 to 84 months.

Root Canal

24 Hours in Advance

Because we reserve time specifically for you, it is vital that we receive appropriate notice of cancellations. If you find you are unable to keep an appointment, please call our office at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments canceled and no-show appointments are subject to a $50 fee.

For your convenience, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover | Cash | Check | Debit

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out how much my dental treatment will cost?

The cost of your treatment will vary depending on your specific needs. For a more accurate estimate of the entire treatment cost, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. MacDonald by calling our Archdale office at (336) 434-3186.

During the consultation, we’ll discuss the most effective treatment options and provide you with a full breakdown of the total cost. Our office will always make sure you’re receiving the maximum benefits available from your insurance so you’re responsible for fewer out-of-pocket costs.

How does CareCredit work?

You can apply for CareCredit by calling (800) 677-0718 or online. Once you’ve been approved, you can use it as a credit card for dental treatment. You can use it for the following:

  • Copays
  • Deductibles
  • Costs not covered by insurance

CareCredit is a short-term financing option that allows you to pay over the course of several months rather than upfront. Best of all, the amount you borrow may be interest-free as long as you pay it in full within the allotted time.

What can I use CareCredit for?

CareCredit is accepted at over 200,000 locations nationwide. You can use it to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses such as dentistry, cosmetic procedures, surgery, even veterinary services, and more. For more information, visit the CareCredit website.