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Hi, My Name is Becky
I Have a Story to Tell

Throughout my adult life, I have hidden behind the gap between my front teeth. My family and friends told me the gap did not matter to them, but in reality, it mattered very much to ME! I avoided being in photos and I always covered my mouth when I laughed. After raising two children and going through a messy divorce, I decided it was time to do something for me! Since I live in the same town where Dr. Keith Macdonald has his dental practice. I was constantly hearing from others of his amazing dental work. I had no doubt he was the one I wanted to fix the gap between my teeth. Dr. Macdonald was very patient with me and explained everything that needed to be done. It did not take me long to realized he was a perfectionist. He had a personal, positive, and professional mannerism every time I came in for an appointment. His staff had a very friendly and caring attitude and always made me feel comfortable. After several months of treatment, the gap between my teeth is now gone!


My teeth look beautiful! I will forever be grateful to Dr. Macdonald for his amazing skills and for giving me such a beautiful smile! No more hiding for me!

– Becky Stegenga

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